Serghei Cirlan is a talented educator and musician with a mastery of a variety of guitar styles, focusing on classical and flamenco.

Serghei dedicated many years to his musical education and performance skills, starting from private lessons and taking classes at the Royal Conservatory of Music, to eventually working towards a career in music and earning a BFA from the York University School of the Arts, Media, Performance & Design. During this time he perfected his music theory and classical guitar skills with the celebrated Professor, Robert Hamilton of the RCM, culminating in a performance at a master class session with the famous American classical guitarist Eliot Fisk. He discovered the art of flamenco after starting his education at York University and has since devoted himself to mastering it under the supervision of renowned flamenco guitarist, Roger Scannura.

Performing is not his only aspiration. Serghei has also spent many years teaching. Throughout his decade-long career as a music educator, he has taught a great number of students across several art schools in Ontario. He is passionate about sharing his theoretical knowledge and technical skills with younger generations; helping many young students develop musical taste and craft and achieve their own dreams as musicians.

In his spare time, Serghei has been applying his passion and love for flamenco by creating original compositions.